Nov 30, 2012

Before & After: spacious but dated lake-front home

A friend of a friend flew me out to North Carolina to help update her lake-front home:

Bedroom (office) #3 BEFORE: Full of clutter, dark and uninviting, many buyers asked "where is the 3rd bedroom in this house?" because they couldn't "see" it.

Bedroom #3 AFTER: A soft accent color on the headboard wall, an actual BED, soothing colors. Now it's REALLY a bedroom... with room for a home office (at right).

Great Room BEFORE: That futon is NOT helping! Neither is the dated light fixture and lack of overall lighting.

Great Room AFTER: Now, new sofa & chair, art and proper lighting, plus a new paint color to makes the fireplace pop! Now this great room works!

Above, another view of the Great Room: While not the height of fashion, the classic 1980's oak tables do work well with the new sofa and chair, but they were wasted in the Living Room. That's staging.... mixing old and new so your costs don't overrun, but you still have a pleasant home that will sell!

Nov 5, 2012

Minor remodeling makes big changes!

In this example, we have a room that was completely transformed... the oversized fireplace was reduced in size, french doors added behind it, the floor was replaced, and everything was painted white.

But it's completely possible to do this on a budget as well. Keep the fireplace as is, but paint it white like everything else. Put down a large neutral area rug to cover the orange tile. Slip-cover the sofas, add in a few new "accent" furniture pieces (like a new coffe table), and you'd have a VERY similar look! 

Contact me today if you'd like to do a major transformation on a budget.  I work with homeowners as well as property investors ("flips").