Oct 18, 2009

Staging is more important than ever...

Folks, just like real estate agents have the Realtors Association, home Stagers have the International Association of Home Staging Professionals, or IAHSP. The IAHSP conducts surveys of markets conditions and how they apply to the home staging industry. And the most current info shows that staging is STILL an essential part of selling a home:

Fully 94.6% of all homes that are staged by a member of the IAHSP sell within 35 days. A non-staged home remains on the market, on average, for 175 days. Yes, my friends, you read that correctly. So the solution for those who either want or need to sell their home is, Home Staging!

Sep 11, 2009

BEFORE & AFTER: Lake-front home, 3

Part 3: Sometimes, only a few simple changes are needed to make a room feel more spacious and elegant...

BEFORE: The carpet "ate up" the real estate and made the dining room look smaller than it is. A gaudy gold chandelier destracted the eye from the room, and a 1980's window "swag" wasn't helping either!
Not shown: The homeowner also had the armchairs placed at the ends of the table, a paisley fabric runner on the table under the faux flowers, and a set of candlesticks flanking the flowers (in this photo I had already moved all these to show her what a change it made).

AFTER: Now, the carpet is gone (revealing the beautiful wood floors) and the new chandelier is still elegant but not distracting (and hung higher to make the room feel larger). We now have a clean and contemporary candle arrangement on the table to freshen this traditional room. An accent wall of buttery cream warms the space, and new art (purchased at Ross of all places!) finishes the look.

BEFORE: "Grandma's" dated, busy tapestry fabric duvet cover on the bed, an oversized lamp shade, a personal photo on the nightstand (verboten when selling your home-- it distracts), and a cold white color on the walls isn't helping this room or the beautiful bedroom set that's in it. Also, no artwork (yawn).

AFTER: Now we've gone "Tommy Bahama" tropical with new prints, warmer paint color and a nuetral duvet cover with just a pop of color on the throw pillow. Soft, soothing, contemporary and inviting...

Aug 30, 2009

My latest design....

You have a sink, toilet and bed... what more do you need? OK, I'm kidding, of course. This is a photo of a 1919 isolation cell. My designs are FAR more comfy and stylish!